Cedar Springs Project Update - February

The Uptown owner representative gives his monthly update on the Cedar Springs Median and Streetscape Improvements project. 
Cedar-Springs-Improvements-rendering.pngThe Carlisle intersection streetscape construction has been completed.  As previously discussed, Fain will return to this area at a future date to finalize the asphalt installation in the intersection, install the granite monument in the median, and install the new signal lights and controller box.
The intersection of Cedar Springs and Routh/Cole is near completion.  The pedestrian crosswalks across Routh Street will be completed within the next two weeks with the installation of the remaining brick pavers.  The long awaited traffic study for this intersection has been completed, and I have been informed by the City of Dallas Transportation Department that the study has, in fact, warranted a signal for this intersection.  The signalization is currently in design, and this process will take one to two months to complete.   From there, it will then be issued to the signal vendor to be manufactured.  However, the installation of the signal will not take place until May or June of 2013.  The additional crosswalk will also be installed across Cedar Springs on the south side of the Routh Street intersection once the design is finalized and the City has completed the change order process.
The median of Cedar Springs between the Fairmount and Maple intersections has been completed.  Fain is currently completing the installation of the inside lanes of the crosswalk along the north side of the intersection across Cedar Springs.  Once this is completed, traffic will be diverted to the inside lanes, and demolition for the crosswalk at the outside lanes will begin.
Fain has given notice that they anticipate beginning demolition work in the median of Cedar Springs between Maple and Bookout in two weeks.  It was initially planned that the current laydown area at this location be moved just south of Bookout for their convenience and access to materials.  However, I have asked that they move it south of Pearl due to vehicular sight and pedestrian safety concerns.  I have communicated to Fain that this block should receive consolidated manpower to ensure that the demolition and construction process is completed as quickly and efficiently as possible.  We will work with Fain to maintain vehicular entries and cross street turn lanes to the greatest extent possible during this phase.
Additionally, the City of Dallas has confirmed that the installation of a pedestrian signalization for the midblock crosswalk from the Crescent will be accommodated.  The signalization type has yet to be determined, though we feel that this is a positive development for pedestrian safety in this area.
Finally, after seeing workers blow significant amounts of dust in the air this morning during rush hour, I have asked Fain to avoid performing activities that cause airborne dirt and dust during high traffic times.  They were very amenable to this request and have agreed to perform these activities at more appropriate times going forward.
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