Neighborhood comradery is strong in the State Thomas Neighborhood of Uptown, Dallas. The State Thomas Area Residents (STAR) organization is an active group of homeowners always in search of making their neighborhood even better than it already is. They meet regularly to discuss activities and get insights into some of the latest happenings in the city. They often take homemade baked goods to the Central Police Division and this time their bringing a fun spin and friendly reminder to area residents to pick up after their pets. 
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(pictured: Coucilman Philp Kingston, Katy Slade, UDI Chairman of the Board, Nolan Marshall III, UDI President & Executive Director)

Uptown Dallas, Inc. (UDI) was given Special Recognition Wednesday, October 19th at Bike To City Hall Day 2016.

The event, hosted by Dallas City Councilman Philip Kingston, Councilman Adam Medrano, and Councilman Scott Griggs, began at Main Street Garden in downtown Dallas where more than 30 bike riders gathered to ride to City Hall to bring awareness to the importance of bicycle commuting and friendliness in urban cores.

Uptown Dallas Inc. has put efforts into making Uptown more bike friendly with recent additions of a bike-fix station in Anita Harris Phelps Park, bike racks and more. Special recognition in past years has gone to the Dallas Bike Coalition (2014) and Dallas County in 2015. 

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UDI, along with the City of Dallas, has proposed an amendment to the thouroughfare plan to convert McKinney Avenue and Cole Avenue back to two-way streets.  Conceptualized plans have shown this potential change to enhance the public realm by promoting slower speeds, creating a more urban/walkable, safer district as well as create route choice and the addition of public green spaces.   Read more »



Every year, Valentine's Day seems to bring about a melting pot of emotions. Some absolutely dread the entire day, while others absolutely love it. Regardless of one's attitude toward the holiday of love, one thing is certain: It comes every year on February 14th, whether we like it or not.
Making Valentine’s Day plans can sometimes be tricky, regardless of one’s relationship status - we know, it’s complicated. To help simplify the process, we scouted the neighborhood in search of different ways to spend the day in one of our favorite destinations, Uptown. Let’s face it, folks – love is in the air. Read more »



One of Uptown's newest luxury high-rise apartments is almost complete!  Read more »

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