- Megan Ziots, PaperCity Magazine

Formula Wellness Center, a North-Texas based wellness service provider focused on on-site medical testing and treatments designed to reenergize and refresh the body, has opened at 3600 McKinney Avenue, Suite 100 in Uptown.

When I went to go check out the new spot, I entered into the coffee/food shop side. I scanned the ultra-healthy menu of mushroom, charcoal and collagen lattes and bone broths and decided to play it safe and go with a Chai latte.

The two, pretty active looking, people that followed me in after leaving Barry’s Bootcampnext door were a little bit more adventurous with their orders. One guy easily grabbed a handful of to-go items from the shelves and fridges and brought them to the register. He obviously knew what was up.

As I approached the bar to receive my tea, I got a glimpse of the other side of the establishment. It looks like a doctor’s office, but oddly combined with a little coffee and food shop. Plush, white chairs are lined up for treatments and there were rooms in the back with more white tables for pampering.

Formula Wellness is a membership-based company that offers IV treatments, a customizable weight loss program, hormone replacement and concierge wellness with exercise, nutrition and wellness plans.

The only difference from the Park Cities location is the coffee and bone broth bar. Formula Wellness even has its own custom coffee blend called fathack coffee, that I’m assuming is supposed to hack the fat away?

Basically, it’s ultra-purified water and organic sourced coffee that’s then combined with Lucky Layla Farm’s cow butter, organic coconut oil and medium chain triglyceride oil (easiest oil from which the body can produce energy). This must be the “hacking with sugar free nutrition” that Formula Wellness’ Facebook page is touting.

Besides bone broth, the shop sells grab and go meals created by local chefs. A weekly rotation of foods include options such as spinach artichoke chicken casserole, Italian stuffed bell peppers, taco cabbage skillet, chicken enchilada bowl, Philly cheesesteak stuffed zucchini boats and Cajun salmon.