- Anita Simmons, Uptown Dallas Inc.

UPTOWN, DALLAS – On Saturday, June 23rd, a mural commissioned by Uptown Dallas Inc. and painted by local artist Mariel Pohlman came into view at the underpass of the Katy Trail at Blackburn Street in Uptown. The image of a 3-dimensional fortune cookie ticket reads, “The best times of your life have yet to be lived,” and the mural is already going viral on social media.

The marketing and public art effort by Uptown Dallas Inc. is part of a multi-phase plan to add murals to each of the 6 underpasses that mark the west boundary entrances and exits into the Uptown district.

“An important aspect of our job as the management company for the Uptown Public Improvement District is to beautify the public realm and one of the ways we do this is through our investment and implementation of public art,” said Noelle LeVeaux, President and Executive Director for Uptown Dallas Inc. “But our loftier goal is to build community in our district. We believe public art encourages engagement and gathering. This fun, optimistic piece definitely reflects the spirit of Uptown and we’re excited people are talking about it, coming to see it, taking pictures of it and sharing it.”

The fortune cookie tag also represents the classic listing of “Lucky Numbers” which includes the number 25. It just so happens that Uptown Dallas Inc. is celebrating its 25th year anniversary. 2018 also marks a renewal year for the public improvement district. Uptown Dallas Inc. is currently gathering support of property owners to continue their work to enhance the neighborhood through capital improvements, increased safety initiatives, beautification and marketing.

“I’m thrilled to be a part of this celebratory year for the Uptown Dallas, Inc., said Artist Mariel Pohlman. “I enjoyed living in Uptown for a number of years. The idea came from a fortune that I’ve held on to for a long time, which has inspired me in my passion and travels. I thought it associated perfectly with the vibrancy of the Uptown district.”

Uptown Dallas Inc. commissioned a mural by Alli Koch in 2017. The mural called Flowers Under a Bridge is located at the Hall Street underpass. With 11 more walls to go, you can look forward to many more surprises Uptown Dallas Inc. has up their sleeves.





Uptown is Dallas’ premier urban live, work, play district. Uptown Dallas, Inc. (UDI) is a not-for-profit management group focused on the public improvement of the Uptown District (PID) through neighborhood maintenance projects, safety and marketing campaigns, neighborhood promotions and events. 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of Uptown Dallas Inc and the PID. For more information about Uptown, visit uptowndallas.net and follow Uptown Dallas on social media.

Media Contact:
Anita Simmons
Director of Marketing & Communications
Uptown Dallas Inc.