- Anita Simmons, Uptown Dallas Inc.

(April 19, 2018 – UPTOWN DALLAS) Uptown Dallas Inc (UDI), the management company for the public improvement district (PID) of Uptown, in its 25th year, celebrated their annual meeting on Wednesday at The Magnolia Theatre in West Village. With the attendance of an estimated 85 property owners, highlights from the night’s event included discussion on the popular two-way conversion of McKinney and Cole Avenues, parks and green space, and the reauthorization of the PID, which will kick off this summer.

“Uptown’s property value has increased more than ten-fold from $525 million in 1993 to $5.5 billion today,” said UDI’s Chairman of Board, Jud Pankey. “UDI provides a competitive advantage which contributes to some of the highest office rents in the city.”

Uptown Dallas Inc. engages in strategic initiatives that enhance the public realm as a supplement alongside the City of Dallas. The organization manages everything from clean streets to capital improvements, including public safety and public art. With more than 19,000 residents in the less than one square mile district, Uptown has become the most sought-after neighborhood in Dallas to live, work and play.

Noelle LeVeaux, Interim President and Executive Director for Uptown Dallas Inc., spoke to some of the current projects the organization is undertaking and in partnership with including the new pedestrian entrance to the Katy Trail and the two-way conversion of McKinney and Cole.

“In November of 2017, the City of Dallas successfully passed the bond package which will contribute $8 million for the transformation of McKinney and Cole Avenues to the current and speedy one-way thoroughfares back to original neighborhood two-way streets,” stated LeVeaux. “After many years of research and traffic studies, we are thrilled to be moving into the design phase.”

With the conversion of McKinney and Cole Avenues, Uptown Dallas Inc. states it will re-claim public space for several new pocket parks.

As the PID enters its reauthorization year, an infographic that was distributed to attendees detailed the past year’s efforts of Uptown Dallas Inc. In 2017, the organization contributed by:

  • Resourcing 3,150 hours of additional police patrol
  • Collecting more than 143,000 gallons of trash
  • Sweeping 128.4 miles of Uptown streets
  • Removing 2,506 graffiti markings
  • Planting more than 30,000 flowers

The continued success and plans for the organization was also stated in a strategic plan which the organization developed alongside Progressive Urban Management Associates (P.U.M.A). To gather constituent input, more than 60 stakeholders participated in focus group discussions and more than 1,200 individuals, mostly Uptown residents and employees, responded to an online survey. Top priorities included:

  • Clean & Safe
  • Mobility & Access
  • Placemaking
  • Marketing & Communication

“The feedback we received to develop our strategic plan will allow us to take a closer look and comparison at how other cities handle a nighttime economy,” said Pankey. “The Uptown Dallas Inc. Rover Program, which provides additional officers to patrol the district during peak hours has been incredibly successful and we hope to expand, adopt or create a supplemental effort to help with traffic and crowd control.”

This summer, Uptown Dallas Inc. will begin its renewal petition request from Uptown property owners. With 25 years of success and visible achievements that make Uptown such a desirable district, the organization is looking ahead to the next 25.



Uptown is Dallas’ premier urban live, work, play district. Uptown Dallas, Inc. (UDI) is a not-for-profit management group focused on the public improvement of the Uptown District (PID) through neighborhood maintenance projects, safety and marketing campaigns, neighborhood promotions and events. 2018 marks the 25th anniversary of Uptown Dallas Inc and the PID. For more information about Uptown, visit uptowndallas.net and follow Uptown Dallas on social media.