- Sarah Blaskovich, GuideLive

The franchise co-owner of I-CE-NY in Uptown Dallas says “it’s kind of fun that people don’t know how to say our name.”

It’s pronounced “icy N Y,” if you want to say it out loud. And it’s rolled ice cream — a popular sweet treat — if you want to eat it.

I-CE-NY first launched in North Texas in Carrollton in spring 2017 from franchise co-owners Ace Marcos and Linh Nguyen. “We wanted to open up in Carrollton because we loved the restaurants and food [at that intersection],” Marcos says. “That was home to us.”

Now that they believe folks in Dallas-Fort Worth are hip to the rolled ice cream trend, their next step was more like a “big jump” to Uptown Dallas, Marcos says. (There’s also an I-CE-NY expected to open in Garland, from different franchise owners.)

I-CE-NY, as the name suggests, is a New York company that actually got its start under a different name in Thailand. Customers pick an ice cream base — often, sweet cream or chocolate, though the shop also sells other flavors like matcha green tea, too. Then, diners pick four ingredients: some to mix in with the ice cream base and some to decorate the top of the cup. Toppings include fruit, candy or cereal, among other items.

Some of the more popular flavor combos include cookies and cream, s’mores and “supreme berry” — with strawberries, raspberries and blueberries, Marcos says.

Part of the allure of rolled ice cream is the hype. It makes for a good Boomerang, or a beautiful Instagram story or a delicious Snapchat photo.


“It’s an interesting time in the foodie world, where a lot of the hype has to be built in,” Marcos says. “That’s one of the things I’ve been trying to constantly battle with because I don’t want us to be too gimmicky.”

“I want to be a solid ice cream place. … I want it to be good so you come back, not just a one-and-done kind of customer.”

The new I-CE-NY is located at 2633 McKinney Ave., Dallas.